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After an accident,Celine Dino was hospitalized in a hospital of London. A head injury was detected and she was between life and death.But after a month of treatment, she was in good way to be saved. One day,René her husband,came to the hospital to see her in her bed with a white face.When he understood that she was dead,René fell down,and had a heart attack.

The nurse came and dicovered the disaster. She screamed and the doctor came. The police has been called and a short, fat, bald man arrived. He was wearing a badly cut green suit and looked old-fashioned. He had big green glasses,with a small moustache like Hitler. His first words were � Hum Hum ! interesting ! � He was the detective : Mr Mc Lee.

The detective ordered : � Close all the exits of the hospital nobody is allowed to go out ! � . The nurse, Miss Jeannine, came, looking at him with lovely eyes and added : � oh yes !what an exellent idea, Mr Mc Lee�.. �

She was a little woman, plump in her sweat shirt .

Mc Mc Lee entered the room and everybody, the nurse, the policeman, the doctors and 3 or 4 patients put their heads in the door frame. Immediately, the detective closed the door behind him. He inspected the room corner by corner. It was a white room, with a blue carpet and pink curtains. There were many flowers, specialy offered by Celine Dino�s fans.

The room was, of course, the most beautiful and comfortable of the hospital.

But it was strange; nothing was broken, nothing could lead to believe that it was the room of the murder. But one thing attracted the attention of Mr Mc Lee, the tube of the artificial breathing was cut in the middle of it, and nothing else was moved . He walked all over the room, quietly peering at the floor. The windows were normaly closed with their shades closed�.

The nurse entered and asked : � Do you need anything ? Can I help you Mr Mc Lee ? You seem so quiet, it�s so cute ! ! �

� oh Miss, thank you so much �.

Mr Mc Lee noticed a little piece of plate under the bed and he saw a little film camera in the corner on the left of the door . He took the piece of plate and left the room. After asking information about the film camera, he came across Miss Jeannine and invited her to dinner at the restaurant this night.

The evening they were together in a fast food restaurant. Everything was all right, both ordered 3 menus with maxi big ham hamburgers. Miss Jeannine seemed under Mr Mc Lee's charm and laughed nervously each time she met his glance. Mr Mc Lee touched her hands.

Suddenly a waitress at the end of the room stumbled and her tray fell down. Miss Jeannine looked at her with horrifed eyes and seemed to realize something which scared her. Very nervously, she dropped Mr Mc Lee�s hand , stood up with many excuses and with no explanations, and went away.

Mr Mc Lee looked again at the waitress, who was sweepting the pieces of plates, and he went to the cash desk to pay the bill.

All night, he thought again and again about this misterious day, trying to understand what had happened to his love. But after reviewing all the details of that day, he was sure that nothing was his fault. Jeannine seemed very happy until the moment of the accident of the waitress, when she stumbled with the tray. So he concluded that he was for nothing in his Dear love�s behaviour. Maybe this story was in connection with his investigation.

He took his little notebook out and started to write on it, checked all the clues and tried to put them in relation with this strange evening. He carried on thinking about it until late in the night, under the light of his bedside lamp.

Suddenly, his voice broke the silence and said :

� Hum ! Hum ! Hum, Interesting ! � and he turned off the light.

Next day, he went back to the hospital in the murder room, to check his theory. Some curious persons were assembled in front of the room, and looked into the little window of the door. Few minutes later, Mr Mc Lee opened the door and announced with a solemn voice :

� I am going to explain everything to you. Assemble all people together and go into the meeting room ! �

A short time after, the meeting room was full, and every one was impatiently chatting about the crime.

When Mr Mc Lee entered the room, silence came immediatly, and he started his story :

� Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pround to pressent to you the result of this interesting investigation . � So : � the doctors said that our lovely Celine died around 9h10. But that is not the real hour of the crime because when the artificial breathing has been cut, the patient can survive only for 1 to 7 minutes. So this brings back to 9h00�. The night of the murder, the nurse, Miss jeannine, has turned on, like everynight, the little film camera of surveillance at 9h02, after feeding our singer. As the watchman explained to me, that little film camera is a device installed to prevent, some curious fan from going to Celine�s room during the night. And after I have seen that video, I can ensure you that nobody entered after 9h02 �

Everybody was looking at Miss Jeannine, whispering. She was not feeling well. She had swollen eyes like somebody who has not slept

� Wait ! said Mr Mc Lee. I have known all that for a long time but one thing didn�t fit : She hasn�t got any motive. She was delighted to be one of the nurses who took care of Celine and she was one of her best fan ! That�s why I had definitively dropped that track. But the event�

� - So, who killed her ? asked a doctor �

� - Keep calm ! replied Mr Mc Lee. I will tell you the night of the crime : After feeding Celine, Mrs Jeannine took the tray but she stumbled on the tube of the artificial breathing and the tray fell down. The proof of it is this little piece of plate I found under the bed. And that is all the story : Mrs Jeannine didn�t realize that she had cut the artificial breathing when she had stumbled.

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